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What makes Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc., better than most others?

Experience, Quality, and Craftsmanship - Jim Durfee's interest in woodworking started at a very young age coming from a family of artist and craftsman. He has been building custom cabinets and furniture full time since 1988, and has also worked and managed a shop in the Atlanta area for 11 years. Many years of challenging projects have taught him the knowledge and skills that have helped him attain a high level of excellence. Jim is dedicated to continually expanding his knowledge and skills of the craft in order to serve you better. In 1999 Jim moved to Franklin, NC and opened Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc. "This move was to escape the stress of mass production and of the big city. I needed to get into a position where I could spend more time on quality, detail, and customer relations with each and every project." In 2004 Jim relocated his shop to Blairsville, GA.

Materials - Only the finest selected wood species and furniture grade plywood's are used to construct our cabinets and furniture. No particleboard, melamine, or MDF at Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc.!!!!

Attention to Details - Jim has a keen sense for taking a closer look than most do, even at the smallest details such as; matching grain patterns, accuracy in measuring, precise fitting of joints, eliminating sanding and tool marks, etc. "No one gets a project from Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc. that is not beautiful enough to install in my own home."

Variety and Selection - Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc. can make just about anything your imagination can come up with. We do not limit ourselves to only stock items and most of our cabinets and furniture are totally unique and built to last forever! "The only thing I can think of that I haven't made out of wood yet is a gas combustible engine!"

Customer Service and Satisfaction - We listen to you and incorporate your wants and ideas into the very design of every project, no matter the size or complexity. We involve you in the planning, design, of your custom cabinets or furniture from start to finish in order to achieve your complete satisfaction. If you ever have any questions or ideas, we are just a phone call away.

At Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc., we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We have full confidence in our quality and tremendous pride in our craftsmanship of our products, that we are able to offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We will design your kitchen, bath, or furniture for you, or custom build to your specifications. Complete satisfaction is a must and our goal!

Why a Custom Built Kitchen?

"If you ask any homeowner where the heart of the home is, they will probably tell you it's the kitchen. Statistics reveal that more time is spent in the kitchen than any other room in the home. Doesn't it make sense, then, that your kitchen should be attractive and convenient? If you are dissatisfied with the state of your kitchen or bath, or you are planning to build a new home, be sure to consult with DURFEE CUSTOM CABINETS, INC. These experienced craftsmen can turn your kitchen into a functional and beautiful room that you will truly love.

Their quality-crafted "custom built" cabinets are constructed from the finest species of wood, and are sculptured in all periods from traditional, contemporary, to completely unique. The professionals at DURFEE CUSTOM CABINETS, INC. will offer you their selection of cabinet layouts, or custom build according to your specifications.

If you are a discriminating buyer who appreciates unique features, outstanding design and first quality workmanship that conforms to your personality, contact DURFEE CUSTOM CABINETS, INC. today for a design consultation. They can turn your dream kitchen into reality."



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