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Cabinet Construction


Custom Cabinets do not come in standard 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", or 36" etc. sized boxes with a pile of fillers to fill in the left over spaces and "gaps"! We custom measure your home and personally build for you "Custom Cabinets" the exact sizes they need to be to personally fit your home, eliminating the need for "factory or prefab made fillers".

Our "Custom Cabinets" are 100% constructed from all solid wood and premium furniture grade plywood's. No particle board, press board, or mdf is involved in the construction of our cabinetry! (Unless specifically ordered that way by the customer only).

Our standard cabinet is a Face Frame style cabinet, that is, a cabinet with a 3/4" thick solid wood face frame on the front of the "cabinet box" and made with 2" wide styles/stock. The face frame is then attached/mounted on to a 100% solid wood and furniture grade plywood constructed "cabinet box". We also build Craftsman style cabinets and frame-less (European Style) style cabinets, and just about any other style you can think of. We are fully capable and up to the challenge to create and build for you the cabinet style of your dreams. "Custom" jobs are our specialty.

Wall Cabinets (ends and shelves) are made out of all 3/4' furniture grade plywood's with 1/4" plywood backs and can be ordered with either fixed or adjustable shelves. Solid wood raised or flat panel finished ends is an upgrade option.

Kitchen Base and Vanity Cabinets are made out of all 1/2" and 3/4"  furniture grade plywood's. Finished sides (visible sides) are 3/4" plywood, unfinished sides (cabinet butt sides or wall ends) and cabinet interior bottoms are 1/2" plywood,  all shelving is 3/4" plywood or solid wood, toe kick and back cabinet hang-rails are 3/4", and all cabinets have 1/4" plywood backs. We build them as you order them and an all 3/4" base and vanity cabinet is also an option if ordered that way. Note: European Style base and vanity cabinets are all 3/4" constructed. (Solid wood raised or flat panel finished ends and/or 3/4" solid wood shelves is an upgrade option).

Cabinet Interiors can be ordered either unfinished, finished birch, or custom ordered to your preference.

Doors are made with solid wood 3/4" style and rail stock, raised panels are also 3/4" solid wood. Flat panel doors can either be made with 1/4" plywood or 1/2" solid wood panels.

Drawer and False Fronts are all 3/4" thick. (some specialty ordered drawer and false fronts may have 1/4" or 1/2" panels depending on the door and drawer front style ordered for your project. All standard drawer and false fronts are slab 3/4" fronts unless ordered differently.

Drawers (standard "butt joint" drawers) are made out of furniture grade plywood's, with 3/4" ends, 1/2" sides, and a 1/4" dato fitted in bottom. Dovetailed drawers are offered as an upgrade option and are made out of  1/2" solid wood ends and sides and also have either a 1/4" or 1/2" dato fitted in bottom, depending on preference.

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