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The Dovetail Drawer Sales Pitch

Posted on January 14, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

If you are out shopping for new cabinets for your home, do not be mis-led by the "Dovetail Drawer" sales pitch!

Of course, dovetailed drawers are a high quality and beautiful upgrade to any cabinet, add unique character to any cabinet, but they do not determine the quality of the cabinet, but only the quality of the DRAWER.

Often times "shoppers" will visit mass production factory built cabinet outlets in their quest to find cabinets and be sold on the cabinets because they come with "Dovetailed Drawers", only to find out a few years later that their "dovetailed drawers" are still beautiful drawers, but their veneer covered particle board cabinets are falling apart!

If you are one of these shoppers and are looking for cabinets in a factory outlet chain, or even in a custom cabinet shop, and the sales person immediately takes your focus off the cabinets themselves and directs your attention to the "dovetailed drawers" only... BEWARE! This is what we in the custom cabinet world call, "The Dovetail Drawer Sales Pitch". Odds are that the cabinets may look beautiful and come with dovetailed drawers, but the cabinets themselves may be built out of veneer covered particle board and or poorly constructed. Be sure to thouroughly get every cabinet detail concerning ALL materials that they are constructed from before buying cabinets from any where!

It is also not uncommon to find that many cabinet sales people selling factory made cabinets do not even know the difference between plywood and particle board. 

As just about any set of cabinets, regardless if they are built out of real wood or veneer covered particle board, can cost in to the thousands of dollars, it is wise to research and do your homework before purchasing cabinets from any company.

You certainly will not find this "Dovetail Drawer" sales pitch here at Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc., but you will quickly learn from us that our standard drawer is a "butt joint" drawer and "dovetailed drawers" are available here and offered as an upgrade option....and that all of our "Custom Cabinetry" is constructed from ALL SOLID WOOD AND FURNITURE GRADE PLYWOODS, priced right, and built to last a life-time and beyond!

Remember; an all wood "Dovetailed Drawer" is a drawer only and not a cabinet. 

Jim Durfee - President
Durfee Custom Cabinets, Inc.